Maggie Beer Paste Quince 100g
$6.80 each $6.80 per 100g
Deli Leg Ham /​Kg
$19.00 per kg
Whole BBQ Chicken Each
$11.50 each
Devon Sliced Deli R/​W
$9.50 per kg
Ham Champange
$22.99 per kg
Bacon Rasher Deli R/​W
$18.99 per kg
Bacon Short Cut Deli R/​W
$17.00 per kg
Diced Bacon R/​W
$13.99 per kg
Chicken Drumsticks Deli R/​W
$8.00 per kg
Silverside Sliced Deli R/​W
$21.99 per kg
Deli Breast Fillets R/​W
$18.00 per kg
Chicken Kiev Deli
$4.99 each
Honey/​Soy Chicken Nibbles
$7.60 per kg
1/​4 BBQ Chicken Deli Each
$3.25 each
Chicken Necks
$5.10 per kg
Creamy Pasta Salad Per Kg
$13.99 per kg
Greek Salad
$25.99 per kg
Ham Off The Bone
$26.00 per kg
Satay Kebabs 6pk
$9.36 per kg
Don Shredded Ham Deli R/​W
$16.00 per kg
Salami Hot/​Mild
$33.00 per kg
Chck Thighs Skin/​Off Deli R/​W
$17.99 per kg
Chicken Supreme Sliced
$20.00 per kg
Chicken Wings
$8.00 per kg
IGA Corned Silverside Rw
$8.00 per kg
Kransky Cheese
$17.99 per kg
Mersey Valley Ploughmans Vintage Club Cheddar 235g
was $8.79 $7.00 each $29.79 per kg
Potato Egg & Bacon
$22.99 per kg
Thin Franks
$8.99 per kg
Chicken Loaf Deli R/​W
$12.99 per kg
Coleslaw Deluxe
$19.99 per kg
Creamy Potato Salad
$16.99 per kg
Ham Double Smoked Deli R/​W
$22.99 per kg
Kabana Deli R/​W
$18.00 per kg
Shoulder Ham/​Ham Steaks
$17.99 per kg
Bacon Streaky R/​W
$21.00 per kg
Oven Roasted Turkey
$31.00 per kg
Pepperoni Sliced Deli R/​W
$34.00 per kg
Lentil Tabouleh Salad
$21.31 per kg
Chicken Kievs B/​In
$5.20 each
Cocktail Frankfurts
$8.99 per kg
Creamy Garlic Kiev
$5.20 each
Danish Salami
$30.00 per kg
Lemnos Apricot & Almond Fruit Cheese 125g
was $5.40 $4.65 each $37.20 per kg
Mersey Valley Vintage Club Pickled Onion 235g
was $10.70 $7.00 each $29.79 per kg
Roast Pork Sliced/​Shavd
$31.00 per kg
Salad Coleslaw Deli R/​W
$14.49 per kg
Silverside Shaved/​Sliced
$26.00 per kg
Tomatoes Semi Dried Deli R/​W
$31.00 per kg
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